Although he is a famous youtuber in the field of tourism and cuisine with a humorous style, Khoa Pug recently went too far when he posted a video with the title `Japanese women kneel and cry begging for the cameraman to eat`.

The incident became increasingly hot on the internet when recently ‘super chef’ Vo Quoc also expressed his disagreement, even indignation at Khoa Pug’s trick of attracting views, even scolding this youtuber to his face, ‘

`In today’s society, technology has ruined many cheap people, just because they live and make a living with views and likes on YouTube and FB, they deliberately sell their dignity to gain.

I *o need to see a clip of why this Japanese woman did something wrong that caused her to kneel and cry at your feet, but I just need to see the title of your avatar on Youtube and I want to punch you in the face.

From now on, people like you and like you should never blame others for cursing uncultured people and when they are discriminated against, don’t blame them!!!

I think when I see this image, I’m sure that when I return home, your mother and grandmother will probably be treated the same way when they displease you.

It can be seen that in this case, chef Vo Quoc was hot-tempered and spoke a bit too harshly, but the way Khoa Pug’s avatar was placed was indeed a problem!

Famous travel Youtuber Khoa Pug was criticized for being 'cheap' after posting a video of him eating at a Japanese restaurant.

Vo Quoc is one of the famous chefs in Vietnam.

Not only chef Vo Quoc, there are also many netizens who scolded Khoa Pug with these bad images:

`Reading the title of the clip really made me uncomfortable. Perhaps Khoa should consider changing the title because it gives a rather negative feeling. After watching the clip, I see that you did not mean to disrespect anyone but mentioned it.

Famous travel Youtuber Khoa Pug was criticized for being 'cheap' after posting a video of him eating at a Japanese restaurant.

Going back to Khoa Pug’s video, this is a traditional Japanese store with a service style similar to that of ancient Samurai warriors, so there is such a low kneeling style.

`According to the clip I watched, Khoa Pug ate at a pure Japanese restaurant with a long history… This restaurant serves in the old traditional style and kneeling is the sitting style of Japanese people in general. Usually,

However, with an insulting and misleading representative image like Khoa Pug uses, this guy will continue to receive criticism for a long time…