(Dan Tri) – US President Donald Trump on May 21 called on Arab leaders to unite and contribute together in the fight against terrorism during his first foreign trip to Saudi Arabia.

President Donald Trump spoke at the Arab – Muslim – American Summit in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia on May 21 (Photo: Reuters)

“Terrorism has spread throughout the world.

President Trump described the war against terrorism as a war `between good and evil`, and affirmed that the US will cooperate with Middle Eastern countries in this war.

“A better future will only be possible if your country is cleansed of terrorists and extremists.

In a move to appease the Muslim community, with about 1.6 million believers worldwide, after a series of controversial statements, said to be unsympathetic to Muslims, President Trump

President Trump calls for anti-terrorism in the `cradle of Islam`

President Trump took a photo with Saudi King Salman bin Abdulaziz Al Saud and leaders of countries attending the Arab-Islamic-American Summit in the capital Riyadh on May 21 (Photo: Reuters)

Also according to the American leader, he came to Saudi Arabia `not to preach, or to tell others how to live, what to do or what to worship.`

“Our (US) goal is to form an alliance of countries that share the goal of defeating extremism and giving our children and grandchildren a future full of hope,” Mr. Trump

President Trump’s speech on Islam in Saudi Arabia – a place considered the `cradle of Islam` – became an important highlight and attracted public attention during his first trip.