Recently, the Mainichi Shimbun interviewed about the married life of Akihiko Kondo (40 years old, living in Tokyo) with his virtual wife.

Akihiko Kondo married Miku, a virtual character with navy blue hair, in November 2018.

Early in the morning, when he woke up, Kondo said to his wife `Good morning` and sat opposite her to eat breakfast.

Not at all unusual

Loving a fictional character may seem odd, but in reality this is not uncommon and is being considered a form of sexual orientation.

According to the `National Survey on Youth Sexual Behavior` that the Japan Sex Education Association (headquartered in Tokyo) conducted in 2017, more than 10% of young people, both men and women, graduated from middle school.

“It’s not strange that people develop

Prejudice against minorities

However, public attitudes towards people with this sexual orientation remain harsh.

In June 2023, Kondo and his colleagues founded the Fictional Sexuality Society.

`I want the association to become a place where people can easily celebrate a wedding with their favorite characters as an important milestone in life,` Kondo said.

Kondo’s love with his virtual wife

Getting a virtual wife after being rejected by a real person 7 times, how has a Japanese man maintained his marriage for the past 4 years?

What makes Kondo fall in love with Miku?

Four years later, while at work, he `met` Miku.

Kondo said many of his colleagues also have a love for the fictional character.

Even though he is married to a virtual wife, Kondo does not mistake his wife for a real person.

Is Kondo planning to divorce his virtual wife?

This is the fifth year since he married Miku.

(Source: Mainichi Shimbun)