Nipples in men

After mothers are about 7 weeks pregnant, the sexes begin to differentiate.

According to researcher Michelle Moscova, nipples evolved before SRY was created.

Wisdom teeth

According to statistics, about 22% of people in the world have at least 1 in 4 wisdom teeth that protrude from the gums incorrectly.

Jacobson Agency

Jacobson’s organ exists and operates commonly in animals such as reptiles, amphibians, mammals, etc. Besides, scientists also found this organ in some humans.

The 10 most `useless` organs in humans

Hand tendons

The biceps tendon extends from the bottom of the humerus to the wrist.

Mechanical tower

The 10 most `useless` organs in humans

The piriformis muscle begins at the joint between the two pubic bones and extends to the connective tissue line running along the middle of the abdomen.

Darwin’s ear cartilage

Darwin’s ear cartilage is a small piece of cartilage that protrudes on the outside of the ear.

The 10 most `useless` organs in humans

Ear muscles

In animals, ear muscles play a role in helping the ears move to receive clearer sounds.


The 10 most `useless` organs in humans

The coccyx is part of the tail – a vestige of ancient ancestors.


The appendix is an organ that once helped our ancestors easily digest nutrient-rich plants.

The 10 most `useless` organs in humans

Third eyelid

The third eyelid has this wiper-like structure called the nictitating membrane. It is located in the inner corner of each eye shaped like a small fold of tissue.