Films about mermaids always attract the rich imagination of filmmakers, attracting a large audience thanks to their beautiful and mysterious character designs.

Controversy over black `mermaids`.

The Little Mermaid live action is probably the most `drama` movie of Summer 2023. Rarely is a movie that hasn’t been shown yet but its influence has gone far beyond the film community and become the focus.

Halle Bailey – the black actress who plays Ariel in the movie – has been criticized for her appearance, which has been going on for a long time.

Disney breaks new ground in choosing actors who go beyond the framework of a pre-defined princess in each person’s conception.

It seemed like it wouldn’t be `smooth sailing`, The Little Mermaid live action received many compliments for its script, music, and Halle Bailey’s acting.

According to CNN, including international ticket sales, the movie The Little Mermaid reached $185.8 million in its first week of release, opening on Rotten Tomatoes with an incredible score of 95% from viewers.

Overall, the film has not really conquered most audiences but is close to reaching the goal.

Jeon Ji Hyun became an icon thanks to `mermaid` Shim Chung

From the title of `box office queen` through the launching pad of Sassy Girl – the highest-grossing Korean comedy of all time in Korea, Jeon Ji Hyun continues to have another turning point with her mermaid image.

`Cool aunt` Jeon Ji Hyun made a strong impression through her innocence, stupidity and coolness when playing `mermaid` Shim Chung.

Mermaid Yeo Hee – `new breeze` of My Boyfriend is a Fox 1983

Besides the famous cast like `evil girl` Kim So Yeon or Kim Bum and Lee Dong Wook, supporting female character Yeo Hee is equally notable in her mermaid appearance in My Boyfriend is a Fox 1983.

Playing the mermaid Yeo Hee in My Boyfriend is a Fox 1983, Woo Hyun Jin surprised everyone as this was her first encounter with an acting career.

In addition to the mermaid, the film also cleverly integrates many familiar characters in the childhood of many generations such as The Snail Bride, the novel Farewell My Concubine…

Marian Rivera is dreamily beautiful in The Little Mermaid Love Story

The Little Mermaid Love Story starring Marian Rivera – the role of Dyesebel brought great fame to the Philippine film industry.

Marian Rivera built the character’s image so successfully that after nearly 15 years of debut, there is still no mermaid who can escape Dyesebel’s shadow.

Water princess Mera in Aquaman was ostracized

Aquaman’s breathtakingly beautiful footage of the ocean has caused a storm in the international film industry.

However, the controversy between Amber Heard and her ex-husband – Johnny Depp caused her to be signed by more than 4.5 million people to boycott, demanding that the studio remove them from Aquaman 2. Faced with the boycott wave, Amber Heard did not hesitate.

Fascinated by Lam Duan’s beauty in Mermaid

The film of `King of Hong Kong comedy` Chow Sing Chi My Nhan Ngu created many certain impressions, becoming the highest-grossing film in the Chinese film industry, breaking box office revenue records in the domestic market.

Considered one of the most beautiful female stars in the 95-year-old beauty group, Lam Duan once made people fall in love with her `beauty explosion` with her mermaid appearance in My Nhan Ngu.

On March 7, Lam Duan left Chau Tinh Tri’s entertainment company, ending 8 years of companionship.

Films that exploit the image of mermaids with a new perspective are not boring and always create a certain appeal to a large audience even though many similar versions have appeared over different years.