As previously announced, The Idol – the most controversial TV series today officially ended with episode 5, airing on the evening of July 2.

As the top factor attracting viewers, the fate of the character Dyanne played by Jennie received a lot of attention.

In episode 4, Dyanne almost reached her dream of becoming a star, replacing Jocelyn (Lily-Rose Depp) as the lead singer and ready to release her own song.

However, in the final episode, Dyanne must face the harsh reality that a dream will always be just a dream.

Jennie only appeared for more than 1 minute in the final episode of The Idol.

She is called into the office by record executive Nikki (Jane Adams).

Nikki encouraged this to be beneficial for Dyanne, and also suggested that the female dancer try writing her own music using her past experiences.

Despite the sweet words, the broken expression on her face showed that Dyanne understood that `someday` would never come.

“That’s Jocelyn, right?”, Dyanne asked before the elevator door closed as a metaphor for her chance to become famous.

In the last episode, Jennie only appeared for more than 1 minute.

A part of netizens expressed dissatisfaction with Dyanne’s outcome.

Others are upset because the creators let Jocelyn forgive mastermind Tedros (The Weeknd) but retaliate against Dyanne while she was also a victim of manipulation.

However, many people commented that the above way of handling the character Dyanne was reasonable and reflected reality in the entertainment industry.

According to analysis from netizens, sometimes, no matter how talented you are, things don’t always turn out the way you want because of unforeseen situations.

Many people even pointed out the similarities with Jennie’s career under YG Entertainment.

“Just like YG treats Jennie in real life.

Meanwhile, fans breathed a sigh of relief because Jennie finally escaped the scandalous movie.

The ending of the character played by Jennie is controversial.

Currently, HBO has not determined whether to produce season 2 of The Idol.