Cao Cao, Liu Bei, and Sun Quan fought all their lives to fight for the world, but in the end all the world had to fall into the hands of Sima Yi’s family.

Among the famous figures of the Three Kingdoms period, Sima Yi was once considered by many people as the `ultimate winner` of this era.

It can be said that talent, ambition and the ability to be patient are the outstanding characteristics that make the success of a person like Sima Trong Dat (Sima Yi’s given name).

However, because of that, Cao Wei’s leader, Cao Cao, soon became wary of this character.

The secret to Sima Yi’s success, despite being suspected by Cao Cao, lies in the following 3 life-changing sayings:

Cao Cao is famous as the man `I would rather betray the whole world than let the world betray me`.

From the first time, when Cao Cao sent people, Sima Yi did not hesitate to pretend to be sick to refuse all invitations.

It was not until 208 that Cao Cao ordered: `If you still evade, arrest!`

This action of Sima Yi shows that: To escape an unfavorable situation, you must have enough courage to accept sacrifice.

In the work environment, we must also understand such ethics.

This point of view of Sima Yi is shown even more clearly when compared with Yang Xiu, who was a strategist of Cao Wei, served under Cao Cao, and later went to help Cao Cao’s fourth son, Cao.

Duong Tu was originally a famous and intelligent man, holding outstanding power at that time, but due to his greed for fame and profit, and rash display, he was also hated by many people, among them was Cao Cao.

During a major defeat at the hands of Liu Bei, Cao’s army was forced to retreat to preserve his soldiers, Cao Cao issued the military order `Ke Le` (chicken tendon).

It can be seen that Yang Xiu overestimated his own intelligence while disregarding Cao Cao’s callousness.

The period when Cao Rui took over the army and took away all the power of the Sima family, making Sima Zhao extremely angry.

Sima Zhao replied: `The size of an ant.`

Sima Yi laughed and said: `Isn’t it an even more stupid act to fight stupid people with stones? Sometimes, you have to learn to bow your head before those people.`

3 sayings for Sima Yi's life to pass on to his descendants: If he can do it, even if he is as skeptical as Cao Cao, he will have to 'give up'

Put into the work environment, just because one or two words are inappropriate, there are many people who are willing to quarrel and argue endlessly.

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