On February 19, an anonymous actress (known as A) posted a post on the Korean online application Brunch, accusing the director of being forced to act in a nude scene in the TV series Hit The Spot.

After the noise of too many sensitive scenes, Hit The Spot was caught up in the noise of forcing female actors to get naked.

The post said that A fell into an awkward situation when the change in level of boldness was only announced right before the start of filming.

“I don’t want to take off my clothes.

However, the actress said in the end she still decided to film nude scenes in the hope that it would bring more opportunities at work.

According to A, she only appeared for 4 minutes in the 40-minute episode, of which 2 minutes were nude scenes.

She added that during filming, the Hit The Spot crew was professional and cared for her a lot. She herself was satisfied with the results achieved, but deep down there was an unknown sadness.

`The reason I made the story public is that the movie is not a big, exciting project and only scores 3/5 quality points, but for me, it is the only important movie in this world,` A explained.

The post sparked controversy in the Korean online community.

As the noise became more and more serious, on February 20, the film production team officially spoke out about the accusations.

Regarding the reason for not announcing the change in the scene early, the Hit The Spot crew refused to reveal but emphasized that A did not take much time to consider.

The explanation did not satisfy the audience.

Many condemning comments were left on the online forum: `It doesn’t matter whether she regrets it or not.

The actress was threatened with dismissal if she did not do a nude scene

Hit The Spot features `Fancam Queen` Hani, member of group EXID.

Hit The Spot is a Korean drama rated X – prohibited for people under 18 years old.

When it first aired at the end of 2022, the film caused controversy because it was filled with `hot` scenes.