(Dan Tri) – Former US President Donald Trump continues to be the brightest presidential candidate of the Republican Party before the first primary election.

Former US President Donald Trump (Photo: Getty).

According to a CBS News/YouGov survey published on January 14, the support rate of Republican voters for former US President Donald Trump is currently 69%, the highest level of support ever according to the survey.

This rate far exceeds the support rate for the remaining Republican candidates.

More than half of Republican voters participating in the survey said their support for Mr. Trump was strong and they had made a decision.

The survey was conducted from January 10 to January 12, with nearly 3,000 voters in the US.

Despite being criminally prosecuted and facing a series of lawsuits, and having his name removed from the primary election ballot in some states, Mr. Trump is still a bright candidate for the Republican Party.

NBC News poll results also show that Mr. Trump leads Republican candidates in Iowa, the first state to conduct a primary election today, January 15.

Since 1972, Iowa has been considered a `stronghold` of the Republican Party.

The Republican Party organizes elections in the form of secret meetings, gathering at certain locations and times to vote directly by show of hands.

Over the weekend, Republican candidates launched their final efforts to rally support from voters ahead of the Iowa primary.

At a campaign event in Iowa yesterday, Mr. Trump attacked his opponents, including Ms. Haley.

`Mrs. Haley has done very well, but she is not fit to be president. I know her well, her thoughts and policies are wrong. Honestly, she is not tough enough,` said the former boss.

Meanwhile, while campaigning in Iowa, candidate Vivek Ramaswamy answered a series of questions from young voters about voting rights and immigration policy.