In the war with Intel, AMD looks like a tiny David standing in front of the giant Goliath.

AMD’s revenue reached 1.8 billion USD, the highest since 2005.

Despite its small stature, AMD still clearly shows its importance in the semiconductor industry, competing against both giants Intel and Nvidia at the same time.

AMD’s CPU processors are general-purpose chips that can be used for data centers, desktops and laptops, competing with Intel – a giant with revenue of 78 billion USD in 2018 and

Among them, the fiercest battlefield is the confrontation with Intel.

There are two main reasons leading to AMD’s strong resurgence in the face of giant Intel’s dominance.

AMD has long used a price competition strategy. AMD’s chips are often much cheaper than Intel’s, but their performance is also far behind.

The new Zen chips have helped AMD win a series of contracts with major partners, such as Microsoft and Sony (for new game consoles), Google (data centers) and Cray (supercomputers).

AMD, who has always been the underdog, is becoming a force that threatens both Intel and Nvidia

The second reason comes from Intel.

AMD’s revival is also good news for consumers.

Intel has been on the throne for too long, forgetting that change and progress are vital conditions in this high-tech industry.

Reference: economist