If you have a habit of turning off your PC, tablet, laptop or gaming console by holding down the power button until the system stops working, you should think again.

Why holding down the power button can cause problems

To put it simply, when you hold down the power button, it means you are forcing the device to turn off.

Instead, you should `gracefully` shut down your computer using the available options the operating system provides, or by pressing the power button once (don’t hold it down) to initiate software shutdown or put

Holding down the power button should only be used in emergency situations

In the past, most `antique` power switch designs were designed to physically disconnect power from the device.

Today, most power switches on smart devices such as PCs, tablets, smartphones and game consoles are what engineers call `soft switches`.

Sometimes this type of shutdown does not work properly, so many soft switches have a backup mode.

The computer needs to be turned off properly

Modern smart electronic devices today contain many complex processor systems inside.

What machine should you use?

Instead of forcing your device to shut down by pressing and holding the power button, look for the `Shut Off,` `Shut Down` or `Power Off` options on the operating system.

Nowadays, many PCs will also automatically initiate the shutdown process when the user presses the power button once.

When should you only hold down the power button to turn off the device?

Sometimes you encounter a device that is unresponsive, frozen, or the operating system crashes.

(Refer to Quantrimang)