The world’s highest mountain peak, Mount Everest is known for its majestic beauty and breathtaking views.

Although no one knows the exact origin of the strange sounds that appear at Mount Everest at night, they are believed to arise from anomalies in the atmosphere.

What are these noises?

Mysterious noises heard at night on Mount Everest are said to sound like moaning, but a study by the US National Geographic Society has determined that these sounds are not made by any species.

Instead, these noises are often said to resemble the sounds of distant foghorns, low rumbles, creaking doors, or airplanes flying overhead – all of which remain unexplained.

Mount Everest has puzzled people for centuries with mysterious sounds heard at night.

The exact origin of these mysterious noises is unknown.

Whatever their origin, it’s clear that these unusual noises are real and can be heard with the right equipment.

Why does Mount Everest make noise at night?

Wind currents passing through tunnels and crevices in the mountain can create vibrations that travel long distances, while Mount Everest’s unique shape can amplify any existing sound waves.


For decades, mysterious noises heard at night on Mount Everest have posed a puzzling puzzle.

One popular theory is that Mother Nature’s movements – like avalanches and landslides – may be responsible for the noise.

Why does Mount Everest make noise at night?

Avalanches and rockfalls caused by melting glaciers on mountains can also create loud rumbles that echo throughout the valley below;

Wind currents interacting with the peculiar shape of Mount Everest are another hint as to what might be creating these strange noises;

Seismic activity has also been suggested as another potential explanation for these strange noises coming from Mount Everest at nightfall.

Why does Mount Everest make noise at night?

Wildlife living in and around Mount Everest may also be responsible for some of these strange sounds.

Finally, researchers have speculated that animals native to or near Mount Everest may also be making some of these mysterious noises;

In short, although we still don’t know for sure what’s causing all these strange noises on Mount Everest at night, there are many theories with possible explanations, from natural movement to

Why does Mount Everest make noise at night?

Changes in air pressure due to severe weather systems or migratory birds flying over Mount Everest can create turbulence that results in strange noises being heard from many kilometers away.

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