The GeForce RTX 3090 GPU series is currently one of the most expensive graphics cards on the market, but that hasn’t stopped many cryptocurrency miners from using it as a resource, due to the impact of the shortage.

According to technology site Techradar, one of the most notable `plowing buffalo` rigs recently was created by a group of cryptocurrency miners in Vietnam.

The build was discovered and shared on Twitter by the account @I_Leak_VN, with the video recording a virtual currency mining system with GPUs dipped in a tank of mineral oil for cooling.

`Apparently not content with using cooling fans or even water coolers, these guys chose to submerge eight RTX 3090 GPUs in a vat of mineral oil,` the news site commented.

The video also surprised the international community because of the uniqueness, willingness to play and willingness to spend of the group of virtual currency miners in Vietnam.

`How does this system work? Are they frying the GPU?`, one Twitter user commented.

`Sadly, it was uploaded directly by a legitimate hardware retailer. They don’t care about gamers anymore,` said another, who discovered the video was related to a hardware distributor.

Cooling with mineral oil is a quite effective cooling method for computer systems, especially cryptocurrency mining systems that always operate at high capacity.

Essentially, mineral oil has been shown to prolong the life of PC components – an important factor for cryptocurrency miners trying to get the most out of their investment.

Although this system is quite effective and superior to traditional heat dissipation methods, it is because of its complexity and the need for the oil solvent to always be clean and the computer case to always be sealed that has led to the application of oil immersion.

Many people also noticed that in the video, the area where the GPU was soaked in oil was not sealed, and some people even used their hands to stir the solution.

Recently, the virtual currency mining community in Vietnam has surprised the world many times.

Vietnamese virtual currency miners surprised the international community with the act of soaking buffalo plows in mineral oil