It can be said that the first week of LCK Summer 2022 has passed without too many surprises.

T1’s somewhat unconvincing (though still winning) performance quickly became a hot topic in the Korean League of Legends industry.

Question: You often lead your opponents at the beginning of the game but have the situation overturned in the middle of the game.

T1 Gumayusi: `The new meta is affecting us negatively`

T1 Gumayusi: We actually made quite a few mistakes and let the opponent pick apart and make the match too long.

Question: Speaking of the meta, what do you think is causing the match to drag so long?

T1 Gumayusi: Actually, in the current version, it is very difficult for you to snowball your opponent comprehensively when you have a lane advantage.

If you follow T1 from the beginning of 2022 until now, you can see that this team’s laning ability is extremely good with young players with good skills.

T1 Gumayusi: `The new meta is affecting us negatively`

However, when entering the summer period with version 12.10, this snowball style of play is no longer effective when strong champions in the later stages are completely dominating.

As a result, as we have seen, T1 is forced to adapt to long games and with that, the risks become much greater.

T1 Gumayusi: `The new meta is affecting us negatively`