Not attractive in terms of content, The Idol is still the most discussed TV series today to `dissect` the 18+ segments.

Even though they are in public and Jocelyn is a public figure, the lovers do not restrain themselves.

On social networks, many netizens enthusiastically discussed what they witnessed in the movie:

“The locker room scene was supposed to be funny, but I think it was the scariest scene so far.

“Why do I watch The Idol .

“The sex scene in the dressing room in episode 3 looks like two hysterical puppets.”

“I can’t imagine what happens to Valentino investors after the latest episode of The Idol.”

The `horrifying` lovemaking scene between the male and female leads in the dressing room was not the only scene in episode 3 that caused Twitter to `go crazy`.

While Jocelyn was caught up in a sensual love affair with Tedros, Andrew Finkelstein (Eli Roth), the music video director, expressed dissatisfaction with her work attitude.

In Hollywood, Jeffrey Epstein is known as the `billionaire pedophile`.

Scariest sex scene in the movie with Jennie (BLACKPINK)

Jeffrey Epstein owns Little Saint James, a private island in the Virgin Islands, USA.

Even though he died by suicide in a Manhattan prison (New York) in August 2019 while awaiting trial for child sex trafficking, Jeffrey Epstein is still an indelible stain on Hollywood.

Because of this, Finkelstein’s character’s line sparked a wave of outrage in the online community:

“For me, the comments about Epstein Island went too far.

“It wasn’t a clever joke.

“Director Sam Levinson makes jokes about the kids on Epstein Island.

“The line about Epstein in episode 3 of The Idol is the most disgusting thing I have ever heard on television.”

“I really tried to give The Idol a chance.

According to Page Six

Scariest sex scene in the movie with Jennie (BLACKPINK)