(Dan Tri) – The mother of children in Colombia was still alive for a few more days after the plane crash tragedy and advised her children to leave to find hope of survival.

Manuel Ranoque, father of 2 out of 4 children (Photo: AFP).

According to the Guardian, Manuel Ranoque, the father of two of the four Colombian children who were just rescued, based on his children’s testimony over the weekend, said his wife – Ms. Magdalena Mucutuy – was still holding on 4 days after the plane crash.

`The daughter told me that their mother was still alive 4 days after the accident. Before she passed away, she told the children that they should leave, they would see what a wonderful person their father was.

Colombian officials announced on June 10 that their rescue team successfully rescued 4 children after 40 days missing in a plane crash in the Amazon forest.

The accident happened on May 1 when the children were traveling with their mother from the village of Araracuara in the Amazon to San Jose del Guaviare.

New details about the survival of 4 Colombian children after the plane crash

Colombian rescue forces rescue children (Photo: AP).

Finding children aged 13, 9, 4 and 11 months old who survived the tragedy is considered miraculous and rare.

Fidencio Valencia, the children’s uncle, said the children began recounting what had happened.

Additionally, the children survive on different foods they can find.

Sharing with the press, Damaris Mucutuy, the children’s aunt, said that the knowledge of survival of eldest sister Lesly Mucutuy, 13 years old, was also an important factor in helping her survive for 40 days in the jungle.

Accordingly, Lesly Mucutuy knows how to set up camp in the wild by using ribbons to tie children’s hair.

Search and rescue operation

Rescuing 4 children lost in the forest 40 days after a plane crash in Colombia (Video: Dailymail).

Rescuers discovered the plane wreckage and three adult bodies on May 16, meaning two weeks after the accident.

The Colombian army launched an urgent search operation with the participation of 150 soldiers, 2 rescue dogs and the support of local people.

Rescuers dropped food boxes into the Amazon forest in the hope that the children could be found and kept alive until rescued.

General Pedro Sanchez, who is in charge of rescue efforts, said that the children were found 5km from the crash site in a clearing in the woods.

New details about the survival of 4 Colombian children after the plane crash

Scene of the plane crash (Photo: AFP).

New details about the survival of 4 Colombian children after the plane crash

Rescuers took the children to the hospital (Photo: EPA).

The Colombian Air Force over the weekend released a video showing a helicopter dropping a rope to help rescue teams pick up the children because the plane could not land in the jungle area.

According to photos shared by the Colombian army, a group of soldiers are taking care of a group of children.

`When the children were found, they were very weak. Their strength at that time was only enough to breathe or reach a small fruit to feed themselves or drink a drop of water in the forest,` General Sanchez said.

Some people still question why rescuers couldn’t find the children sooner even though they passed through the area where they took refuge several times.

`They get scared when they hear dogs barking. They hide in the bushes or run away,` Valencia said.

Some sources said that Wilson, the dog in the rescue team, played a big role in rescuing the children.

According to the Colombian military, rain and poor visibility or wild animals in the forest may have caused Wilson to become disoriented.

New details about the survival of 4 Colombian children after the plane crash

Location of the plane crash (Map: Dailymail).