Low power mode is a mode that iOS (or iPadOS) will suggest users activate whenever the battery capacity on the iPhone (or iPad) drops below 20%.

When Low Power Mode is turned on, the battery icon on iPhone turns yellow.

According to some studies, low power mode can reduce battery consumption by 33% to 47%, helping to extend battery life on iPhone.

– Reduce speed: The speed of the iPhone’s processor affects the amount of battery it uses.

– Turn off Background App Refresh: iPhone will automatically update new apps to ensure that the latest data is always ready when you use it.

– Auto-lock happens faster: Regardless of your auto-lock time, iPhone will go through auto-lock for 30 seconds when Low Power Mode is turned on.

Low power mode helps save battery but 'harms' the iPhone!

– Turn off Email Fetch: iPhone can be set up to periodically check for new emails.

– Turn off automatic downloads: Low power mode prevents music from downloading automatically and also stops automatic app updates.

– Pause Visual Effects and Animations: iOS has many visual effects and animations that make using iPhone more enjoyable, but they also use battery, and Low Power Mode turns them off to save

– Turn off `Hey Siri`: The phone uses extra power when hearing this phrase and will activate Siri, turning on Low Power Mode will prevent Siri from listening to commands.

– Pause iCloud photo backups: Backing up photos to iCloud also takes a lot of power, so backing up to iCloud will temporarily pause while in Low Power Mode.

The additional battery life that iPhone Low Power Mode provides depends on how the user uses iPhone.

Low power mode helps save battery but 'harms' the iPhone!

Go to Settings > enable Low Power Mode

Low power mode can help iPhone extend battery life and users can turn it on anytime, no need to be below 20% battery.

However, keeping Low Power Mode enabled will reduce power, shut down apps, and pause many features.