After free GTA V, Civilization VI is the next name given to the gaming community by Epic Games Store.

Although this is a top AAA blockbuster game, the tactical gameplay of Civilization VI makes it difficult for many gamers to get used to.

In the world of DayZ, your goal is to try to survive by finding food, weapons, shelter and fighting back against those who want to take your life.

DayZ brings players a fairly realistic experience of a battle for survival where you can freely explore the world around you.

In this battle for survival, there will not be any game music at all, all surrounding sounds are included for only one purpose, which is to create a feeling of fear for the player.

The number of Zombies in DayZ is not much, so you can run around for an hour without encountering a single Zombie.

If Epic Games' Civilization VI doesn't suit you, why don't you try DayZ for free on Steam?

However, as mentioned above, Zombies are not the scariest thing in this world because they are just stupid creatures, acting on instinct and easily destroyed with just one weapon.

Sometimes you can meet people who are very kind but can also immediately lure you into a sniper’s range.

To download DayZ for free, you can visit here.