Elora’s Raid: Summoning Destiny (Shan Shuo Zhi Guang) is the official game, copyrighted by the internationally famous brand Elora’s Raid and officially launched to gamers on the morning of August 11.

If you feel confused by a very detailed gameplay system, as well as a series of attractive offers from gamers who have tried the international version?

Get used to hands-free gameplay, full of benefits

Idle games on mobile platforms are the best solution to save time when in a busy society, not everyone can hold the phone for long periods of time.

And Elora’s Raid: Summoning Destiny is one of the games that emphasizes this feature the most when it has been shown most clearly in the first promotional posters about Elora’s Raid in Vietnam as follows:

Not only does the device continuously receive resources, players can also perform most operations in the game with just one hand and thereby save a lot of time to do other things.

Not only resources, but even your generals receive experience when offline.

The more dungeons you pass, the higher the value of the items accumulated when AFK is, creating an extremely pleasant and interesting environment suitable for role-playing game fans or busy casual gamers.

Besides, not to mention the general rotation, gacha is also less annoying than ever when the rate of rare 5-star generals has been adjusted to please players much more.

The above points are different from gamers who play role-playing games and general fighting games. They will easily be shocked when entering the hands-free environment full of benefits of Elora’s Raid.

Follow the fanpage of Elora’s Raid: Summoning Destiny regularly to receive codes and gifts

In addition to experiencing the colorful fantasy world and rich strategic gameplay, gamers also have the opportunity to receive countless `extreme` gifts on the launch day of Elora’s Raid: Summoning Destiny.

Specifically, to help gamers have the best experience, Elora’s Raid: Summoning Destiny has actively launched dozens of giftcodes with all kinds of different gifts in recent days on the fanpage.

Elora's Raid: `Summoning Destiny` copyright owner officially launched.

Follow the fanpage and look forward to tons of gifts/giftcodes as well as upcoming events: https://www.facebook.com/elorasraidgzone/.

And don’t forget the biggest top racing event, which will take place within 1 week of opening the server after the launch date.

Elora's Raid: `Summoning Destiny` copyright owner officially launched.

Find yourself a friend or Guild in the community group

Playing games requires a group of brothers to work together to be fun, and Elora’ Raid: Summoning Destiny is no different when promoting this community interaction through a series of fierce activities such as the Battlefield,

Elora's Raid: `Summoning Destiny` copyright owner officially launched.

The features related to guilds and friends of Elora’s Raid: Summoning Destiny are excellently designed and provide maximum support for gamers’ experience when playing together.

And what better place to find yourself a Guild, or companion, than the official community group of Elora’ Raid: Summoning Destiny?

Elora's Raid: `Summoning Destiny` copyright owner officially launched.

Official group of the game: https://www.facebook.com/groups/vanmenhtrieuhoi/

Elora's Raid: `Summoning Destiny` copyright owner officially launched.

Accordingly, the game officially reaches Vietnamese gamers at 9:30 a.m. on August 11.

Learn more about the game at:

Home page: https://vmth.zoneplay.vn/landing

Fanpage: https://www.facebook.com/elorasraidgzone