In Dragon Ball Super, Frieza’s Golden form was defeated by Goku.

Below, let’s find out interesting information about Black Frieza!

1. Why did Toyotaro choose a dark color for Frieza’s new state?

Golden Frieza in Dragon Ball Super

Earlier this January, in an interview, artist Toyotaro (mangaka Dragon Ball Super) explained why he chose black for Frieza’s next transformation.

It turns out that Toyotaro has considered the color factor, the level above yellow is black.

Toyotaro opined: `We’re talking about the highest level of power. So the one above gold is black. It wouldn’t work the other way around…

In space, there are black holes, right?

In fact, black is the darkest color and is also a very special color in the color system.

2. Black Frieza as he appears on the coloring page

Since Black Frieza first appeared in the manga, have you wondered what it would be like if he appeared in color?

Black Frieza actually appeared on the coloring pages of Dragon Ball Super 88 and looks pretty cool.

3. First appeared in the manga Dragon Ball Super chapter 87

Witnessing the actions of their `old acquaintance`, Goku and Vegeta wondered how Frieza could kill Gas so easily.

Frieza did not forget to show off his Black Frieza form to Goku and Vegeta, and showed his overwhelming power by defeating both.

4. How did Frieza achieve his Black Frieza form?

Dragon Ball Super: 6 facts about the new form that helps Frieza defeat 'the strongest warrior in the universe'

In chapter 87, Frieza admits that he spent some time living in another dimension.

To put it more simply, the training process that Frieza went through is equivalent to 10 years of outside training.

5. How strong is Black Frieza?

In his Black Frieza form, Frieza finished off Gas with ease.

Notably, Gas was able to balance Vegeta’s Ultra Ego state before.

Gas can also resist Granolah’s powerful attack in chapter 86. While everyone thought they had defeated this tough opponent, Gas suddenly revived at the beginning of chapter 87. But in front of Frieza

When Black Frieza attacked Goku and Vegeta in chapter 87, the two Saiyan warriors apparently also transformed.

Currently, Frieza’s power has surpassed Gas, Goku and Vegeta.

6. Whis does not give a clear answer whether Frieza is the strongest warrior in the world currently or not

Previously, Oracle Fish (Oracle Fish) mentioned the strongest warrior in the universe.

Whis also raises the possibility that another strongest warrior in their universe has appeared elsewhere.